4 Tips for an English wedding

4 Tips for an English wedding

1. Wear for the weather

As we all know the weather in the UK can be hit or miss. Packing some extras for your wedding day is always a good idea especially if you’re going for a BOHO style wedding. Wellies, an umbrella and denim jacket are all items to consider packing. We have a collection of jackets to fit this style coming soon and with our speedy delivery it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled if you fancy getting one before your special day. Sign up to our email list to receive a notification as to when these will come into stock so you’ve got yourself covered for your special day.  Our denim jackets have cute puff sleeves and are perfect for you to get custom printed or embroidered.  Our lace jackets are perfect just to keep the chills away whilst still looking stylish and on trend.

If there is a risk of bad weather on your special day then make sure to discuss potential photo options with the venue and the photographer before hand, they will have done this plenty of time so need to panic but always best to have answers before to prevent you worrying.


2. Choosing the right venue for you

There’s a lot of choice across the UK for a wedding whether it’s an stunning cathedral to BOHO barn the choice is yours. Things to consider when choosing a venue are: where the guest might sleep after the wedding; how many guests can the venue hold and most importantly do you love you it? You need to feel as comfortable as possible on your special day but where ever you are in the UK make sure it is the one for you.  We love Stockton House https://stocktonhouseweddings.co.uk/ for a relaxed informal feel but with all the luxury you would expect and a fabulous service too.

We also love Barns like Redhouse Barns, https://www.redhousebarn.co.uk/ another firm favourite of ours.

Be sure not to rush making a decision on the venue but also make sure you don’t leave it to late as the best is always in demand. Get yourself organised and try to view them all close together if possible so you have a clear idea of what each one was like and take notice of how it made you feel, could you imagine yourself getting married there? Ultimately it is good to be organised and know what is going on but the venue isn’t the most important part the company who are your wedding are what will make the day for you and your partner!


3. Invite who matters

As brits we are painfully polite sometimes and it is important on your wedding day to be kind but consider yourself first. When having a wedding close to home it can be easy to feel obliged to invite everyone you know. Just remember it is your wedding, a day for you to enjoy and not have to stress for some people it’s about making sure the people who need to be there are so picking your venue appropriately and not feeling a way about not inviting those distant relatives that you haven’t spoken to in years is important to making sure you can focus on enjoying yourself on your wedding day. 


4. Don’t leave it till the last minute!!

When everything else needs to be organised on your day it can be easy to leave putting your dress on till the last minute, we recommend you don’t. Put trust in the people around you to know what they are doing and try to relax as much as possible. We recommend having the dress on an hour before hand with you hair and makeup done before. Make sure to double check for for hairbands on the wrists and remember to move your engagement ring over to your other hand. We know that it can all be quite stressful but reading our tips will hopefully relieve as much stress as possible on your big day.

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