How to pick the right veil

How to pick the right veil

Picking a veil is no easy task but we are here to take some of that weight of your shoulders. Read our following tips on how to decide what to pick and you’ll be looking absolutely stunning on your wedding day, we promise it! 


Work with your budget


We know weddings are expensive and here at The Tiara Shop we try our best to accommodate for everyone’s budget. Knowing what you are willing to spend on a veil is important as they can vary in price but we will still have something to make sure you look your best. With a price tag in mind it will help you narrow your search down and with the large selection of styles and sizes this can be massively important to save you time when finding the one for you.


Hairstyle > veil


There a plenty of different styles of veil out there and different sizes to, so we suggest that you choose your veil to suit your hairstyle on the day and not the other way round. Let the hair stylist work there magic and you can add the finishing touches with the veil you choose. Also we suggest talking to your hairstylist about what style of veil you plan to go for as different hairstyles will alter where you wear the veil on your head so it is best to have an idea on what style and length you plan to wear on your big day.


Longer dresses = Longer veil


At the end of the day we want everyone to be comfortable and love their look but with 15 years of experience we often find that longer dresses need a longer veil as shorter dresses can often get lost in the look. Anything 72” and above will go well and add a whole new dimension to your outfit. We recommend anywhere between 4” - 12” longer than your dress to help bring your look together. With all things said if you plan to keep your veil on all day it may be worth going for a short veil or alternatively you could get two of the same style just in different lengths so you can change the veil later on in the day. 


The Theme of your wedding counts!


If you have gone for a BOHO style wedding then your venue may not be suited for a longer veil. Consider what it will look like whilst you are walking down the aisle as no one wants a wardrobe malfunction on there wedding day! Also best to consider the style whether you are going for pearls or plain satin it’s all about tying your look into the theme you have chosen for your big day!


The different lengths


There are a few different length to consider when picking a veil. Finger tip lengths tend to just cover you back as suggested in the name (they come down to your finger tips) they can look beautiful with any style but we recommend these if you are going for a BOHO or 1940/50’s style dress dress. Next up is the waltz length veil, these tend be around the 60” mark and can well with any style as the length is rather versatile. The Chapel or Cathedral length are what you would want if you are going for a long length, these come past your dress on the floor but it is important to consider what the venue is like and you don’t want to get caught on anything as you walk down the aisle (but we are sure no matter what you pick your girls will help you all the way to the man of your dreams).

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