The benefits of shapewear on your wedding day

The benefits of shapewear on your wedding day

Shape wear is a life savour for any time and here at The Tiara Shop we have you covered, everything from stiletto stoppers to pants to hide your VPL we have it here. We understand that on your wedding day the focus will be on you and our shape wear accessories will help your VPL and bra accessories will help ease the stress of this make you look stunning at the same time. 


The main benefit of shape wear is what it says on the box is how it helps with the appearance of shape. They offer support around the hip area and reduce the waist all to keep you looking your best on wedding your wedding day. This benefit will of course boost your confidence which is a big plus especially on your wedding day as you are going to need lots we all know how scary it can be to be the centre of attention, looking your best can help ease the stress of being in that position. 


We have listed some of products below to help you get the look you want to achieve. Being comfortable is very important to feeling confident on your day and we have plenty of choice to help you achieve this. 


Fashion Tape:


Our 5 meter roll of double sided fashion tape will allow you to show off whilst the know how will go unnoticed. It can be cut to any length needed to help you feel comfortable on your special day. We sell our rolls at £9 each and can come in hand even after your special day. Picking this product won’t go unnoticed and certainly worth your money to bring some extra comfort and piece of mind on your wedding day.


Cleavage Bust-ups:


Our Cleavage bust ups are made with you in mind, to keep them discrete and unnoticeable whilst giving you the confidence you need on your wedding day. They are made out of natural mineral oil for maximum comfort and will increase your breast volume by one full cup size. We sell this product in sizes A-B and C-D at £15 so for the price we highly recommend. Please click the link above to view the product so you can view further.


Commando G string:


An invisible G string to take all your worries of a VPL away. It has a medical grade silicone adhesive gel to keep it in place and can be machine washed and reused after your wedding day. It comes in three sizes small, medium or large and retails at £13. The link above will take you directly to the product page so you can say goodbye to your VPL.


Stiletto Stoppers:


Extra support whilst wearing your heels. Wear heels all day can be hard! But we are here to help with our amazing and seamless stiletto stoppers designed to take a some of the pressure of your feet so you can keep looking glamourise for longer. We sell them at £8.50 for 2 which is a steal of a price for the quality the can be used time and time again whilst flawlessly going with your shoes. We highly recommend these if you are wearing big heels and we know you wont regret it. 

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